Donation of Digital Devices to Local Primary School

With the news being full of children having difficulty learning during lockdown because many of them do not have devices or access to the internet, we decided we could do something about devices, if not the internet.

Our local primary school happens to be the primary school that one of our directors, Pam Cain, attended many decades ago.  So, it was natural that we should try to help where we could.  Pam contacted Lynn Lee, the headteacher of Leigh Church of England Primary Academy which is part of the Coventry Diocese Multi Academy Trust, to find out what would be of most use.  Mrs Lee told us that the children use Amazon Fire tablets in school and that if she could have 5 per classroom that would make her and her staff very happy.  It would also be of great benefit to the children who now use these devices as older pupils would have used the library, with the difference being that the tablets make finding the information almost instantaneous.

Pam and Katie Stanbrook, HR Assistant at MarchantCain, took the box of devices to school on a lovely sunny afternoon with no expectation of seeing any children during lockdown.  However, there were several children of key workers at school and Mrs Lee brought three of them, Josh, Jordan and Georgia to meet us and to take delivery of the Fires.  Their faces lit up when we told them we were donating 17 of the devices and their smiles were the best thanks we could have asked for.