Inaugural Meeting of Combustion Engineering Festival

In the run up to Coventry City of Culture 2021, we held the inaugural meeting of the “Combustion” Festival last night, bringing together engineers and artists in a free flowing discussion about how we celebrate the art, design, craft and creativity of engineering and manufacturing in the region.  Hosted here at MarchantCain, where creativity and engineering are what we are all about, we welcomed the Creative Director of Imagineer Productions, Jane Hytch and the Director of Artichoke Trust, Helen Marriage, who outlined the concept of the Combustion Festival, loosely modelled on the Burning Man Festival held annually in the Nevada Desert (

Scheduled for the summer of 2021, this event will bring together makers and artists to celebrate the region’s creative cultural heritage and encourage people to see art, engineering, craft and making as all part of the same creative continuum.

Combustion aims to be a ground-breaking event providing a showcase for the many artists and makers from Coventry and the wider Midlands to experiment with machinery, pyrotechnics and mechanical engineering to create art that literally moves its audience.  The Partners will invite artists and engineers from across the region and beyond to a festival that celebrates the imagination and focuses on participating and manufacture.

Watch this space for the next steps.  If you are an artist or engineering company who would like to be involved in this event please contact Jane Hytch at Imagineer Productions (