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MarchantCain Design Engineers are employed for their expertise in design and innovation, with a focus on mechatronic systems, i.e. mechanical components driven by motors, referred to as actuators, controlled by electronics.

“Innovators in Intelligent Motion” is the essence of what we are!

Our product emergence process is followed when designing and developing complex systems for clients within a number of sectors including automotive, aerospace, and consumer products.

We are now certified to IATF 16949, the global technical specification and quality standard laid down by the international automotive industry. This standard is applicable to all design work through to production and ensures that we, and our certified suppliers, are working to the highest standards. One of the main drivers within IATF is risk management and this is controlled by working to repeatable, consistent processes and procedures.

Our customers may come to us with a very high level and well-defined specification, or with just an idea and a blank piece of paper, no matter in which sector they operate.

A well-defined specification may mean that fewer iterations of the design are needed to achieve the final system. However, for innovative new products or systems stemming from just an idea, we will iterate with the customer, to determine what “good” looks like. This is then captured in the Design Specification, which guides the product concepts generation and ultimately an excellent product.

Merchantcain Accreditation

MarchantCain’s gateway processes are followed from either the blank piece of paper stage, or a fully specified system. At each gateway the feasibility, both commercial and functional, and compliance with the customer requirements are rigorously reviewed.

If the concept does not pass the gateway for any reason, e.g. high costs, there are two routes; one is that the product is dropped and cancelled: the other route sees it channelled back through the initial process to try to remove the obstacles which prevent it from passing through the gateway, be that physical or financial viability.

Once the concept passes the gateway process it moves into the detail design stage. At this point the engineering content is more significant. The use of our CAD systems and virtual testing in this stage, using design tools and processes such as DFMEAs (Design Failure Modes Effects Analysis), FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and the potential use of PoC (Proof of Concept) functional samples, produce the final drawings of each and every component in the system. These drawings contain the SC, (Significant Characteristics), CC, (Critical Characteristics) and HIC (High Impact Characteristics), material specification and any finishes required for the component. The components cannot be manufactured without this level of detail. Once the detail design is complete, the Project Manager will ensure that the Gateway for Detail Design is signed off.

MarchantCain is a global designer, developer and manufacturer of window regulators with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry.

Design and manufacture of complex window lift systems for mid- and low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of complex screen wiper systems that ensure a mix of function and aesthetics for mid- to low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of bespoke and standard aerodynamic components; from underbody actuators to rear air brakes and all in-between, to enhance a vehicle's speed, efficiency and performance.

From on-wing jet turbine wash systems to in-vehicle parcel sorting systems and even decorative bridge parapets with integral acoustic barrier – we have completed them all. Let us loose on your engineering challenges..