Deco Window Regulators


Our inhouse assembly line design follows the same process as the product; a concept is developed, it is proven either virtually of as a “prototype” and then tested.

Sign off is achieved in the same manner to the product and the customer agrees that the system will provide sufficient inline testing and validation for the component to be delivered on time and in full (OTIF). As with the tooling, the type of production line is dependent on the customer’s requirements and the number of components being assembled.

For low volume systems we utilise our inhouse flexible assembly lines. These lines utilise a system of unique fixtures/jigs which can be quickly changed on a common facility depending on the customer’s requirements. This flexibility reduces cost, as it benefits from standardised work instructions and equipment.


Merchantcain Accreditation

For higher volumes, we develop and manufacture dedicated production equipment.

This is installed in our facility, is operated by our skilled operators and uses common work instructions and end-of-line test methods.

All our products are 100% tested inline before dispatch.

Packaging and logistics are developed with sustainability in mind in our process and are tested to ensure the product is delivered in pristine condition.

The customer may specify particular packaging methods and materials to suit their production facilities.


MarchantCain is a global designer, developer and manufacturer of window regulators with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry.

Design and manufacture of complex window lift systems for mid- and low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of complex screen wiper systems that ensure a mix of function and aesthetics for mid- to low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of bespoke and standard aerodynamic components; from underbody actuators to rear air brakes and all in-between, to enhance a vehicle's speed, efficiency and performance.

From on-wing jet turbine wash systems to in-vehicle parcel sorting systems and even decorative bridge parapets with integral acoustic barrier – we have completed them all. Let us loose on your engineering challenges..