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Automotive Wiper Systems

There are few automotive windscreen wiper systems manufacturers globally who design, develop and manufacture.

MarchantCain can provide the full service of concept design through to manufacturing and end of life support for low volume vehicle OEMs.

Design of windscreen wiper systems, including washer systems, is a specialised electromechanical engineering discipline, particularly as the parts are “safety critical” meaning they are components “for which a single failure has a credible potential to lead directly to a serious accident resulting in stated consequences”.

There are many factors to be considered when first designing a windscreen wiper and/or washer system. The specification of the system is the first to be considered including, on the commercial side, budgetary considerations.

From a technical point of view it is the windscreen curvature, width to height ratio and the aesthetics of the visible parts of the wiper system that are the first design questions. The legal wipe zones are critical, all these considerations then drive the next decision, which is the type of system.

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The types of wiper systems are grouped into two basic systems, single arm or multiple arms. For high performance vehicles a single wiper is desirable, but this will depend on the characteristics mentioned above. A tall narrow windscreen with high curvature will probably drive the selection to a single or pantograph single wiper system. A wide short windscreen would probably drive a dual wiper system or an articulated type wiper system.

Once the selection is made the design concepts and kinematics are generated to ensure design compliance with the legal and technical requirements. Design for Manufacture is built into MarchantCain’s work schedules and processes. Production methods are chosen to suit the customer wants, needs, budget and quality requirements. Our internal phase gate processes drive the project through testing to production and supply.

Design and manufacture of complex window lift systems for mid- and low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of complex screen wiper systems that ensure a mix of function and aesthetics for mid- to low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of bespoke and standard aerodynamic components; from underbody actuators to rear air brakes and all in-between, to enhance a vehicle's speed, efficiency and performance.

From on-wing jet turbine wash systems to in-vehicle parcel sorting systems and even decorative bridge parapets with integral acoustic barrier – we have completed them all. Let us loose on your engineering challenges..

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