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Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronics is a broad-brush description of mechanical components with electric drives and electronic controls.

MarchantCain’s expertise has grown from in-depth knowledge of window regulator and moving glass systems, including what is referred to as glass choreography.

We have a wide supplier base offering a range of motors/actuators and we select the optimum motor for each customer’s application. These actuators can include built-in electronics (sensors) or the electronics can be remotely positioned in an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which takes information from the in-built sensors of the motor/actuator.

As we are designing the mechatronic system, we define the output of the motors or sensors and describe this to the customer in a boundary diagram to ensure that the required inputs and outputs meet the agreed specification.

We can model load characteristics of the system and begin to develop the operating envelope of the ECU.


Merchantcain Accreditation

The reason for the ECUs and the motors within mechatronic systems is to allow for adjustment and different positioning of the overall system within the vehicle.

For instance, one-touch movement of the glass (raised or lowered) or a park position for a wiper, or the movement of a wing into air currents.

Such adjustments can be a customer request, a vehicle requirement, a manufacturing requirement, or a safety or legislative need.

Design and manufacture of complex window lift systems for mid- and low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of complex screen wiper systems that ensure a mix of function and aesthetics for mid- to low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of bespoke and standard aerodynamic components; from underbody actuators to rear air brakes and all in-between, to enhance a vehicle's speed, efficiency and performance.

From on-wing jet turbine wash systems to in-vehicle parcel sorting systems and even decorative bridge parapets with integral acoustic barrier – we have completed them all. Let us loose on your engineering challenges..

MarchantCain is a global designer, developer and manufacturer of window regulators with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry.