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Active Aerodynamics

Active aerodynamics refers to the sophisticated mechanisms and systems incorporated into, vehicles, particularly high-performance cars, to dynamically adjust and optimise their aerodynamic properties.

These adaptations typically involve altering the shape and orientation of components such as spoilers, wings, air ducts and flaps in real-time. By doing so vehicle stability is enhanced, drag is reduced and downforce can be increased as needed during different driving conditions.

Such intricate adjustments help maximise a vehicle’s speed, cornering ability and overall performance whilst maintaining control and efficiency.

Active aerodynamics in its true sense would be a rear wing on a vehicle that can provide three versions of interruption of the air flow over the vehicle. For instance, movement from a Drag Reduction System (DRS) to an increased downforce position to a full airbrake.

Whether it means altering the shape and orientation of components such as spoilers or wings, or the addition of air ducts and flaps we work with customers to provide what is needed for their low- to mid-volumes.

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Active aerodynamics on vehicles is becoming an increasingly unseen benefit to the customer, the user. It can be used to enhance the vehicle’s performance, provide the correct amount of cooling at the correct time, and in the future, it may even provide adaptable safety features.

MarchantCain can also foresee shape-shifting vehicles which utilise new materials to change the vehicle’s shape and characteristics to enhance safety, performance and battery range. These new systems will still require active mechatronic systems to control the movement of the surface.

Design and manufacture of complex window lift systems for mid- and low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of complex screen wiper systems that ensure a mix of function and aesthetics for mid- to low-volume vehicle manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of bespoke and standard aerodynamic components; from underbody actuators to rear air brakes and all in-between, to enhance a vehicle's speed, efficiency and performance.

From on-wing jet turbine wash systems to in-vehicle parcel sorting systems and even decorative bridge parapets with integral acoustic barrier – we have completed them all. Let us loose on your engineering challenges..

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