Our Expertise

Window Regulators

Probably one of the most complex parts within a vehicle door, we design and manufacture window regulators for low volume, niche vehicle manufacturers.

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Active Aerodynamics

From an underbody diffuser to a full blown spoiler and many parts in between, active aerodynamic components are employed to improve a vehicle’s speed, efficiency, or performance.

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Electrochromatic Glass

A new development in moving side windows EC glass, operated at the touch of a button, offers benefits such as light weighting, full window coverage for complete privacy and cabin cooling.

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Outstanding design sets our work apart from our contemporaries.  Fitting moving parts into impossibly small packaging or completing moving parts which others have failed to finish are the sort of problems we love to tackle.

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Flexible Production

Our production lines are designed to be flexibly reconfigured to suit customer demands so that low volumes and changes in product can easily be accommodated.

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Experience has honed our logistics knowledge and capability and our stock and finished parts are controlled by an advanced system.

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Our story so far

Our Story

Formed in 2006 as an engineering design consultancy assisting automotive suppliers to design new mechatronic products and win commercially profitable contracts, design and development soon became a major part of the company’s workload.

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The Way Forward

Our goal is to become a leader in the automotive market for design, development and production of specialist mechanical and electrical actuation systems.

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We are always keen to hear from talented and capable engineers. If you think differently about engineering, meet our high standards of thoroughness and consider our values to be your values, then have a look at the blog pages where we will post any vacancies.


Engineering design is our reason for existence and we work extremely hard to excel at it. But we do not stop at design: we develop our concepts through design to the prototype stage and into manufacture. Our engineers follow the process from concept to manufacture and consequently understand so much more about what makes a feasible design an excellent design.

Our Standards

Our customers are at the top of their game and extremely demanding of us. To stay at the top with them we have high quality standards and have achieved BS EN ISO 9001. We have also achieved IATF 16949 to satisfy our automotive customers’ demands for quality. We are legislation compliant to environmental ISO:14001:2015 and information is available on request.

Our Values

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do.
We never stop learning, developing and expanding our knowledge and expertise.
We provide a welcoming, fun, aspirational and vibrant place to work. Thinking differently is encouraged to achieve the best outcome.
Consistency in our approach – excellence in thinking and deed.
Fairness and respect for all.

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